The Candor Company is the result of an 18 year friendship and partnership between Liz Moore and Jonathan Schneider.

We met while working in market research in Atlanta during the dot com boom. We started our company during the bust. From day one, we have always been about pushing the envelope of conventional qualitative market research thinking. We're serious about work but we're also really fun people.  We promise you'll like working with us.

Curious. Informal. Creative.  Authentic. Empathetic. Fun.


I am inherently curious and I know that curious people make the best moderators. It’s rare for people to say they don’t feel like they are working when they are working, but it is the truth for me.

By truly listening and being present, your customers tell me what they really think and feel and not just what they may think I want to hear. The dialogue blooms from our first “hello.”

I started my career at Modem Media when the Internet, as we know it now, was in its infancy.  I built a research group there from scratch employing such tools as online chat groups, web cam interviews, and bulletin boards. After that experience, I met Jonathan and we started our own firm in 2001.

Now, with over 20 years of experience in “the business,” I have had the good fortune of working with the leading consumer packaged goods, financial services, technology and pharmaceutical companies talking about everything from credit cards to sustainable clothing to cotton swabs and cardiac devices.

 I am also a chameleon. I am just as comfortable talking with stay-at-home moms as I am with neurologists, teens, CEOs, and fashionistas.

Jonathan Schneider, Partner

Two things have led me to this business and made me great at it.

First, I love “stuff.” I love to shop, the thrill of the hunt and the feeling of unboxing new things. I’m the person anxiously awaiting the UPS driver. I understand consumers because I am an uber-consumer.

Second, I am interested in a lot of things.  I love the chance to learn something new.  If you meet me at a cocktail party, you're not going to get the standard "Where do you live" and "What do you do" questions.  I am going to quickly dig in and find out what really makes you tick. 

So how did I get here?  I started the path toward qualitative research after graduating from the University of Virginia by working in the advertising industry. I saw my first focus group and thought, “I could do that. I should do that. I’d be great at that! I must figure out how to do that!”

I soon departed for business school at Emory University and then took a job with GE in its marketing and research department. I learned how to work with and select vendors and how to think like a client. From there it was a short hop to an internet consulting firm and then to starting my own firm with Liz in 2001.

I’ve conducted qualitative research all over the world – from ivory towers in Shanghai to one room apartments in St. Petersburg to slick company headquarters in Zurich.  I have worked with every major consumer packaged goods company in the world on topics ranging from frozen entrees to raw dog food to air fresheners.

Over the years, I’ve evolved my methods to mirror the evolution of the modern consumer.  I’ve realized the “moderator” cannot always be the typical blank slate.  It makes people uncomfortable.  I view people as my guides – not just research participants.  I’m in it with them all the way.