The Candor Company is a group of curious individuals united by a passion for what we do.

We're serious about work but we're also really fun people.  We promise you'll like working with us.

Curious. Informal. Creative.  Authentic. Empathetic. Fun.


She makes things happen. No question is too difficult to answer. No project is too big or complex for Liz.

Liz started her career at Modem Media when the Internet, as we know it now, was in its infancy.  While there, she built a market research group from scratch employing such tools as online chat groups, web cam interviews, and bulletin boards. Liz then did it all again at iXL, an Atlanta-based consulting firm where she met and hired Jonathan (her future partner).

Liz has worked with the world’s leading consumer packaged goods, financial services, technology and pharmaceutical companies talking about everything from credit cards to sustainable clothing to cotton swabs and cardiac devices.

Clients love Liz for her unflappable personality, inherent curiosity, and genuine empathy.


He is an uber-consumer. His interests are diverse. It’s what makes Jonathan the consummate interviewer.

Jonathan started the path toward qualitative research after graduating from the University of Virginia by working in the advertising industry. He saw his first focus group and thought he would be a natural at it. He was right but it took him some time to get there with stops at Emory University for business school and a job in GE’s marketing research department along the way.

Since meeting Liz at iXL and deciding to open Candor with her in 2001, Jonathan has focused on making the entire “process” of qualitative research less formal and clinical. He understands that good qualitative is about creating the perfect environment where people feel comfortable and the truth naturally emerges.

Clients love Jonathan for his creativity and his ability to find just the perfect video clip to drive home a point in a report. He has an MBA from Emory University and a BA from the University of Virginia.


For as long as she can remember, Samantha has been fascinated by how companies use visuals and language to shape opinions and drive people to buy things. As a native Georgian, pursuing a degree in marketing and public relations at the University of Georgia was an easy choice for her.

After a stint at a social media marketing firm, Samantha joined Candor. Her role involves blending the creative and research worlds to give our work visual impact that tells a story. She also works on podcast deliverables and social media.


It’s strange for a research firm to have a creative director but that is what our business requires. Jason realizes we are not only conducting research but that we are also inspiring clients to take action based on the insights they see and hear.

Jason’s background includes work as a professional photographer and director of photography on a variety of documentary films and television shows.

While Jason entered the research world via a non-traditional route, he is a natural and exceptional interviewer who quickly connects with participants and clients.

Jason has a BFA from Ringling College of Art and Design.