Here's just a small sampling of our work.

Understanding The Vegan Consumer

As part of the development of a new product line, an international food producer engaged us to better understand vegan consumers. We immersed ourselves into their lives by spending time with them in their homes, shopping with them, and of course, eating with them.

Here's a glimpse of what we learned that helped our client think differently about the category and what products it would eventually launch.


We recently conducted in store work for a pet food company to understand how consumers make their decisions at the shelf. Here is a snippet from that project.


Podcasts are nothing new - for most of the world. But they are definitely new for the research world.  Lately, we've been delivering some reports in the form of podcasts. Our clients tell us they are great for getting people to truly engage with the research findings.


Saying things in as few words as possible is critical these days. Whenever possible, we use engaging infographics to communicate key points. Not only are they impactful but they are also helpful for the research team to send out as reminders about the work.

Copy of Copy of Copy of Copy of Blue Entrepreneur Personalities Business Infographic (1).png


Why wait for the deck? Our reporting begins from the moment we enter the field. For some projects, we create web sites where we post learnings and invite our clients to do so in order for everyone to stay involved.