Understanding today’s sophisticated and research weary consumers requires living in their worlds. Experiencing their experiences. It’s very hard – if not impossible – to do that in a 2 hour focus group.

We meet consumers on their own turf – where they live, work, and play. We sit down with them at the family dinner table. We shop with them. We even pick up the kids from school with them.  And if we cannot be there in person, we make it feel like we are by using the latest technology.

Everything we do makes our research feel like anything but market research.  It’s why we’re the opposite of consumer research.

The Candor Difference


Consumers have changed at a hyper-rapid pace over just the last few years.  They're smarter than ever before and more curious than ever before.  They're now in control.

That  mindset extends to market research.  They want to know what we're doing. And why. And for who. If they do not know, they will spend the whole time trying to figure it all out. We are much more revealing.  We give more and we get more in return.

The Right Environment

We conduct our work where it’s best to do so - in consumers’ homes. In offices. In stores. In interesting spaces that foster creativity. We believe environment matters - a lot.

The Best Recruits

For us, recruiting is just as important as any methodology we use. If we are not talking with the right people, our clients might as well not do the research.

We’re not looking for average customers. We’re looking for the ones we can learn from the most. We use a combination of top-notch recruiters, social media listening, and our own panel which has been cultivated over years of work.

Vibrant Visual Deliverables

Through professional photography and videography, we create visual and immersive reports and videos that bring the consumer’s world to life.


Group Discussions

Whether in-person or online, we are experts at facilitating discussions that uncover consumers’ true feelings. Many of our groups occur over dinner in homes or in unique spaces that encourage creative thinking.


We immerse ourselves into consumers’ lives via home visits, shopping trips, or simply running errands with them. We are there for the moments that matter whenever they occur.

Mobile Qual

For times when we need a longer view of consumers, we use mobile tools to allow us to be in the moment with them even if we are not there in person. Mobile diaries also provide a treasure trove of video clips and pictures to use for presentations that tell compelling stories.